Tuff Mud - Antibacterial Hoof Clay

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Product information

Tuff Mud - Antibacterial Hoof Clay 

A versatile and easy to use clay which helps to help clean, soothe and disinfect the hoof and skin on horses.

Tuff Mud contains natural clay and essential oils which can be packed into the hoof to help stop dirt, bedding, muck etc getting into small holes and crevices.

The ingredients which are antibacterial and anti-fungal help prevent microbes entering the hoof and also helps promote healthy skin.

* It acts as a barrier and will stay in contact for approximately 12 hours. 

* Dries naturally and will eventually fall off and degrade into the earth.

* All ingredients are natural, containing many antibacterial and anti-fungal essential oils and cedar wood oil which is know to deter mites, ticks etc.

* Can be used on hooves, sole, frogs, while line and lower legs.

* The properties of Tuff Mud can also help minor cuts and grazes by helping to form a barrier to bacteria.

Directions - how to use

Ensure the hoof is clean and dry
Brush/paint on all areas of the hoof, sole, frog and can be packed into holes and crevices. 
Hands can be used if required 
Allow to dry
Repeat as necessary or once a week for maintenance

Natural Clay, Zinc Oxide, Bio-Active Honey and Essential Oils including Tea Tree, Lavendar & Cedarwood

Size: 500ml

Product Code: TM

Technical specifications

Weight 0.6kg
Product Code TM


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