Arc Equine

If you want to buy one, please feel free to contact me either by email of call 07898 428842 and I will be able to give you my AGENT CODE which you can use on the Arc Equine website. The code will enable you to receive £45 off the retail price.  Follow this link to the shop

Arc Equine is a drug free, non-invasive, affordable and easy to use system that can be used in the stable, field and on the lorry. It uses minute, sub-sensory sequences of electrical currents which mimic those naturally occurring within the body. The following are some of the benefits of using microcurrent technology:

* Prevent daily micro tissue tears from developing into major tissue issues
* Kick-start rapid regenerative repair to ALL tissue, with minimal / no scarring
* Eliminates pain whatever the cause
* Reduce pre-existing scar tissue replacing it with original tissue
* Boosts the immune system
* Reduce anxiety and stress and so eliminating many behavioural problems

Injuries and conditions - Arc-Family products have been successfully used to treat tissue repair, ligaments, muscle, skin, bone, and are used to promote general well-being.
Broken bones
Promote general well-being
Reduce and eliminate pain
Reduce scar tissue
Swelling, bruising and inflammation
Ligament injury
Tendon injury and the list goes on............

Pssst...Yes, You! Check Out These Top Tips
Of course you love your horse - we all do, but along with the cuddles, keeping on top of health issues is vital and at ArcEquine, we're always being asked for advice about injuries and accidents, so we thought we'd share some of the ways you can use your ArcEquine unit to help keep your horse fit and well.
Tip 1 - Reduce pain, inflammation and swelling from bruises or other injuries which can so easily happen when a bit too much excess energy is present.
Tip 2 - Promote rapid healing of those little nicks and scratches horses seem to attract to themselves on an all-too-frequent basis, with reduced risk of infection and little or no scar tissue.
Tip 3 - Accelerate recovery after a demanding training session or competition when you know your horse is feeling tired and perhaps a bit ‘achy'. Travelling home with an ArcEquine unit on will help to rapidly reduce lactic acid and reduce stiffness in the muscles.
Tip 4 - Banish those little ‘niggles' and ‘off-days' and help prevent injuries during your pre-season fitness campaign. Unseen micro-tears in soft tissues commonly precede major injuries and ArcEquine will help to heal these quickly, reducing the risk of more significant damage.
Tip 5 - Maintain fitness and wellbeing with regular (one weekend each month) use of your ArcEquine to ensure your horse feels as well as he looks. Microcurrent therapy works throughout the body, stimulating individual cells to help keep your horse feeling fit and ready to perform.

How to use the ArcEquine unit - The ArcEquine 2 delivery unit is light, portable and simple to use. No specialist training is required. Simply attach the delivery unit to the leg strap and select from the pre-programmed treatment options using the two buttons. Once programmed, place the strap on the horse's leg, as shown in the picture or follow the link on You Tube on how to fit the ArcEquine - Click here

Leg strap and unit in position -
Attach the strap with the unit positioned to the side of the cannon bone
Do not strap to an injured leg
Do not over tighten
Rotate leg strap between sound legs for 3 hours each day

The ARC uses two different sequences of electrical currents, both delivered in two slightly different ways (i.e. a total of four programmes).
Two of the programmes kick-start and accelerate regenerative repair to ALL tissue, enabling restoration, in a fraction of the normal time, with reduced scar tissue (REPAIR). In addition, pre-existing scar tissue both internal and external, and no matter how chronic, is greatly reduced and replaced by original tissue.
The other two programmes were originally designed to rapidly eliminate swelling, bruising and inflammation, which they do (TRAUMA). Over many years of anecdotal use we have found that these two programmes are far more "versatile" and far more important than ever expected.
The unit has four pre-set Treatment Options, each being a different combination of the four programmes, and all Treatment Options are designed to address different problems, or to form the different stages of a progressive treatment of a particular injury or disease.
This process is fully automatic. All Treatment Options last a total of 3hrs.
The basic Treatment Protocol is:
Phase 1: 1 week of Treatment Option 1 (100% Trauma)
Phase 2: 2 weeks of Treatment Option 2 (50% Trauma / 50% Repair)
Phase 3: 3 weeks of Treatment Option 3 (25% Trauma / 75% Repair)
Phase 4: Every 4th week/weekend Treatment Option 4 (Trauma & Repair - Mixed for maintenance)

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